Monday, September 14, 2020

Calling On Industrial Designers, BARC Wants To Beautify It's Sound Sleep Device & Impart Stealth Technology

Device to Eliminate Apnea Problem - DEAP - Continuous Positive Air Pressure - CPAP - 01

What are supposed to be matter-of-fact, anodyne Government-issued documents have, often, hidden within them, gems of hilarity. One has only to have an eye for & appreciation for ironic humour.  One such pearl unearthed, is found in this Department of Atomic energy [DAE] 'Invitation of Quotation'.

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre [BARC] has called on Industrial Designers to design an enclosure for the Sleep Apnea Device [SAD], that it's Division of Remote Handling & Robotics [DRHR] has developed. The Continuous Positive Air Pressure [CPAP] device help individuals breathe, those who suffer from Sleep Apnea. It claims that the device's performance matches current, commercial offerings, with significant cost savings.

Device to Eliminate Apnea Problem - DEAP - Continuous Positive Air Pressure - CPAP - 02

Interested Product Designers would have to package the device, it calls Device to Eliminate Apnea Problem [DEAP], in a manner, that makes it aesthetic in appearance & ergonomic in operation.

Godrej Goldilock Safe - 01
In addition, BARC insists that the, "product should not standout from other home use gadgets". It must blend in with the surrounding. Perhaps, shape it like a Microwave Oven. It may seem out of place, sleeping next to it, unless one sleeps in the kitchen. Better still, camouflage it making it look like a Safe, similar to the one above. Nothing screams affluence, more than a sign indicating proclivity to inhale wealth. Options to not standout restricted only by the flight of imagination.

Adding to it, the party chosen must also undertake a Market Research, to understand & demonstrate viability of this device, which BARC has developed. A device without an end-use in mind. In case you missed it, one has till tomorrow, to respond.

Extending lip-service in responding to an all-encompassing National Call. Not just that, any deviations from Responders, would invite prosecutions under provisions of India's Atomic Energy Act & Official Secrets Act. Fly, Sledgehammer, something.

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The DRHR, primarily, develops systems for handling Radioactive materials, such as Fuel Rods feeding India's Nuclear Reactors, as well as systems to transfer the Spent fuel for Reprocessing it & harvesting highly Radioactive Plutonium. For BARC to undertake ventures, in matters that do not have a half-life, is a matter of continual perplexment. Similar efforts had, earlier, resulted in development of Cow Dung Cake-shaped Banana Cake & करेला Juice, that does not taste like one. While half-life there may not have been, the Cake surely had an end-of-life, attained as soon as it reached public gaze.


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