Friday, September 11, 2020

Bravest Of Them All - Param Vir Chakra Awardees - Their Stories

Param Vir Chakra - Veer Gatha - Indian Military - 01
The NCERT, early this month, dropped this interesting read on their website.

This compendium of Param Veer Chakra [PVC] Awardees, India's highest Gallantry Award, narrates their stories, leading to the circumstances that required them to exhibit unimaginably supreme levels of bravery, often giving up their lives, in the process. A much needed publication.

Kargil War - 1999 - Indian Army - 01

An example of the unparalleled courage displayed, from the book.


Subedar Joginder Singh

(JC 4547), 1 Sikh

Subedar Joginder Singh was the commander of a platoon of the Sikh Regiment holding a defensive position at a ridge near Tongpen La in NEFA. At 0530 am on 23 October, the Chinese opened a very heavy attack on the Bum La axis with the intention of breaking through to Tawang. The leading battalion of the enemy attacked the ridge in three waves, each about 200 strong. Subedar Joginder Singh and his men mowed down the first wave, and the enemy was temporarily halted by the heavy losses it suffered. Within a few minutes, a second wave came over and was dealt with similarly. But the platoon had, by then, lost half its men.

Subedar Joginder Singh was wounded in the thigh but refused to be evacuated. Under his inspiring leadership, the platoon stubbornly held its ground and would not withdraw. In the meantime, the position was attacked for the third time. Subedar Joginder Singh himself manned a light machine-gun and shot down a number of the enemy. The Chinese, however, continued to advance despite heavy losses. When the situation became untenable, Subedar Joginder Singh and the few men left in the position fixed bayonets and charged the advancing Chinese, bayoneting a number of them before he and his comrades were overpowered. Throughout this action, Subedar Joginder Singh displayed devotion to duty, inspiring leadership and bravery of the highest order.

Gazette of India Notification No. 68-Pres./62


A Manga-style, jazzed-up illustration, in veins similar to a Shogakukan-published Seinen-Shonen-type graphic novel, would have made for a more contemporary read. The appeal would have extended beyond Indian classrooms, the only audience NCERT targets. The kind where kids trade copies of their invaluable possessions. A very sustainable niche, scope to convey your message beyond National borders.

Manga Samurai - 03
Think real-life Mack Bolan. Juxtaposing genres, here. Beyond the scope & mandate of starched Cotton Sari draped NCERT employees, of course. A concept for private Publishing Houses to explore.
Indian Army - Haji Pir Pass - 1965 India-pakistan War - 01
Siachen Glacier - India - 01
Indian Army - 1962 - India-China War - 01
Indian Army - Chushul - 1962 - India-China War - 01
Indian Armed Forces Motto - John Maxwell Edmonds - 01

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