Thursday, October 08, 2020

ISRO's 1-Shot, 64 Satellite Launch SSLV Getting Ready For Maiden Mission [Image Of The Day]

The long-held title, 'The Workhorse of ISRO', could soon be taken over by this upcoming Satellite Launcher, soon to make it's debut.

First Picture Of The Rustom-H UAV, Integrated With It's EO System & SATCOM Link [Image Of The Day]

The Rustom-H, India's Medium Altitude Long Endurance [MALE] Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] is now under test with enhanced set of capabilities.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Babur And His American Father [Quote Of The Day]

The former Prime Minister [PM] of the Islamic Republic of pakistan becomes the most high-profile individual to acknowledge that a malfunctioned US Tomahawk Cruise Missile fathered it's Babur. The parentage, though, was never a secret, as it's recovery was a well-reported news, back in the 90s. That said, the purported repurposing has always been attributed to quotes from unnamed sources & interpretative analyses.

The self-exiled former PM has put his name to the quote.

Seen here, reiterating his allegiance to pakistan's Armed Forces, he lists out his "achievements" in empowering it's Military. At 01:30 in the video, he explains how he was instrumental in making the Babur.

"यह जो टॉमहॉक, ये जो है, वो भी माशाल्लाह नवाज़ शरीफ ने बनवाया था, और वोह भी बलूचिस्तान से हम लेके आये थे"

A Tomahawk, launched as part of America's pre-9/11 strikes on Afghanistan, he confirms, fell in the occupied province of Baluchistan. He had it picked up & brought back from there. Carrying out "Back" Engineering, resulted in the birth of the Babur.

America, for pakistan, is a gift that unwittingly keeps on giving. It's raid on the garrison town of Abbottabad, to eliminate OBL, landed [no pun intended] the host a previously unknown variant of the Blackhawk Helicopter, incorporating extensive stealth characteristics. Unsurprisingly, she gave her Chinese benefactor a viewing. Result, as per gossips - Mysterious helicopter emerges in China: a new, stolen model or a cloned Bin Laden raid’s stealth chopper?.


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