Sunday, April 19, 2020

BARC Goes Bananas With The Juices - De-bitter Truth

For $1300 USD, you can lay your hands on the recipe.
In the illustrious annals of what-in-the-world joins yet another venture by one of India's premier establishments, this one devoted to the Atom. The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre [BARC], home to Asia's first Nuclear Reactor, an organisation central to India's strategic deterrence programmes, has made the juice of Banana.
BARC Banana Products - 001
Using it's patented technology, one can "extract almost 60 - 70 % of the total soluble materials of banana as juice". The momentum gained juicing the banana saw BARC go even further, coming up with a recipe for banana powder, of which it informs us that "products developed from ripe banana powder in our laboratory include biscuits, cake and baby food". Gastronomical churning of the organisation.
Seeing the photograph, above, one wonders if optimisation of the cake's form factor involved slapping cake batter against a wall. The outcome of their culinary efforts seems iffy, given their own less-than-enthusiastic description of the end-result,
"Taste panel studies showed general acceptability of non-conventional products developed from banana."
BARC De-Bitter Karela Juice Bitter Gourd - 003
The humble Bitter Gourd Karela was a similar subject of it's en-juicing efforts. Concluding that bitter tasting, cooking-eating are a sub-optimal way of Karela consumption, it has formulated a process by which we can now savour a "de-bitter Karela juice having high bioactivity". To think of the crowd around the elderly juice lady's cart, positioned each morning outside the park, waiting to be served their shot of bitter Karela & wheatgrass juice cocktail.
Fresh Juice Morning India - 002
Levity aside, while it's nobody's argument that such ventures must not be undertaken in the country, there are several Indian organisations much better placed to, or rather, have the sole mandate of developing such end-products. One wonders, efforts of this type undertaken by such an organisation, be it by it's very legitimate 'Agriculture & Bioscience' division, to what end.

If interested, the recipe for BARC's Bitter Gourd Juice [BGJ] can be had for around $1300 USD [₹100,000/= INR], while acquiring the secret to getting a Banana juiced-up would set you back by $650 USD [₹50,00/= INR]. It's offer of Transfer of Technology, to a manufacturer, for the Banana Juice process lies unclaimed, as does the BGJ.
No manufacturer has gone bananas over these juices, it appears - the not de-bitter truth?