Saturday, April 04, 2020

Just A HJT-16 Trainer Aircraft With A Cool Paintjob. Period [Image Of The Day]

A one of a kind, 3-tone livery applied to the indigenous Hindustan Jet Trainer 16 [HJT-16] Kiran aircraft.

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The repainted U2515 airframe was prepped up for display at the 1996 edition of Aero India, the biennial Air show held at the Yelahanka Airbase in, then, Bangalore.

Hindustan Jet Trainer HJT-16 Indian Air Force 01


Not the first time, though. Aircraft builder, the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL], has, on earlier occasions too decked up the bird in eye-catching colours, in a bid to market its offerings to international clientele, in attendance at such events. The U-2515 airframe, in service with the Indian Air Force [IAF], is a Mk. II variant of the aircraft, with an improved Powerplant and weapon delivery capability.

In its regular role, the HJT-16 serves to play the role of an Intermediate Jet Trainer for India’s military aviation cadets, who move up to this Turbojet-powered aircraft after establishing competency on an ab-initio Basic Trainer, presently the IAF’s Swiss Pilatus PC-7 Turboprop Aircraft & the Navy’s Pipistrel Virus SW 80. First flown in 1964, the Kiran continues playing it’s role 56 years later.

Another HAL-driven effort, currently developing the Hindustan Jet Trainer 36 [HJT-36] Sitara, would eventually replace these. A long time coming.


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