Friday, March 11, 2022

This DRDO Lab Wants To Purchase A Single Black Coloured Submachine Gun

DASAN DSMG9 - Submachine Gun - 01
When you want to buy only one example of a competitor's product. The Armament Research & Development Establishment [ARDE] wants "to purchase a latest sub machine gun available in the global market for study purpose."
It seeks to acquire a single 9*19 mm caliber weapon having an effective range of up to 200 m, but no less than 100 m. For reasons unknown, it can not be pink in colour. Only black, it wants, it specifically specifies. The South Korean DASAN DSMG9, for example [above], is one such solution that matches the stated specifications.
ARDE, operating under the aegis of the Defence Research & Development Organisation [DRDO] was the lead organisation in development of the INSAS series of small arms, for long the standard service weapon in the Indian Armed Forces.
Joint Venture Protective Carbine - JVPC - Submachine Gun - 01
It demonstrated a Submachine Gun with the 5.56 mm 30 caliber Modern Sub Machine Carbine [MSMC], also referred to as the Joint Venture Protectve Carbine [JVPC]. It is a gas-operated system, unlike the blow back operation it has sought. The design has been inducted into service with many Paramilitary branches. A submachine gun, given it's ability to chamber widely available pistol rounds & deliver it at higher energy levels, while still maintaining compactness, meets some niche requirements sought by personnel engaged in situations like Close Quarter Battles [CQB], Special Operations missions in confined spaces, hostage rescues etc.
ASMI - 9 mm Pistol Gun - Indian Army - 01
Indian Armed Forces have, traditionally, been relying on imported variants like the MP5, MP9 etc., to meet Submachine Gun requirements. The ASMI, a submachine gun with a folding butt, with a Picatinny rail, that allows it to be mounted with diverse mounts like Red Dot Sight & foregrips, chambering the 9*19 mm round, developed by an Indian Army personnel hasn't found an end-user. An expanding military, coupled with progressive obsolescence requires finding an optimum indigenous replacement. Some acquisition for "study purpose", a time-tested way to go about things.
J-15 Carrier Fighter Aircraft - Su-33 Copy - 01