Tuesday, March 29, 2022

46 Angry MiG-23 Aircraft Set To Make Their Bollywood Debut

CHECKThis brief 3 seconds clip shows a CGI formation of MiG-23 fighters on a strike mission.
Some fire a pair of Vympel R-23 Air-to-Air Missile [AAM] & carry a clutch of OFAB-series high-explosive gravity bombs in it's central hard-points. An aircraft engaging an aerial target with multiple missiles, akin to unguided rockets, & diverse objectives [air-to-air & ground-attack] in a single mission. Unsure if planners plan things in this manner. The spacing between the aircraft, also a point to ponder. A visually aesthetic composition, projecting force, it undoubtedly is.

Can't recall an earlier instance of any Indian movie depicting the MiG-23, that served in the Indian Air Force [IAF] fleet from 1983. All single-seat variants, the MiG-23BN & MiG-23MF were eventually retired by 2009. This clip appears in the trailer of the upcoming film, K.G.F: Chapter 2, that is currently trending in the No. 1 position on YouTube.
Counted 46 aircraft in the formation.
MiG-23 - K.G.F Chapter 2 - 01