Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Enjoyed Watching The 'Rocket Boys'? You Would Enjoy Reading These too

Homi Bhabha - Vikram Sarabhai - 01
The recently released web series, 'Rocket Boys', has gratifyingly found a receptive viewership in India. It is a fine dramatisation of the genesis of India's Space & Nuclear programmes, as they were marshalled by 2 stalwarts - Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha & Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. The series' genre is a welcome change from the usual offerings on Indian OTT platforms.

It does a commendable job in introducing the average Indian binge-watcher to the achievements of 2 of India's most high-profile STEM personalities. It's maker's stratagem to ensconce it within the realms of entertainment, by liberal infusion of creative deviations, helps ensure high engageability, while remaining true to the spirit of it's depiction of accomplishments.
Rocket Boys - Homi Bhabha - Vikram Sarabhai - Sony Liv
Some notes of discordance, that strikes in the process of watching, including the Series title, need be overlooked, given the scope of attempt. Riding high on the success of season 01, a follow-on season is on the cards, that promises to be truer to form. It's producers have dropped all it's episodes on the 'Sony Liv' streaming platform.
This blog, including at it's previous home, has been a consistent flag-bearer of the 2 individuals. Following are a selection of related writings.
Dr. Bhabha
Dr. Sarabhai
Nucleus And Nation Scientists International Networks And Power In India
The book, 'Nucleus and Nation: Scientists, International Networks, and Power in India' [affiliate URL] by Robert S. Anderson is a more academic & authentic endeavour at documenting the early years of India's Science & Technology efforts. Along with the progress, it manages to chronicle the clash of personalities of the helmsmen of India's STEM community. The internecine rivalry amongst Indian institute heads, each attempting to push forth his [hardly any "her", then] roadmap of their vision, trying to lay hands on the limited resources available in the country, is worthy of a read. An information dense book, that requires a certain amount of commitment from the reader to read it in it's entirety. Much recommended.
Homi Bhabha - Vikram Sarabhai - 02