Monday, September 18, 2023

IAF's First C-295 Aircraft Has Been Spotted In Malta, Heading Home

The first of the Indian Air Force [IAF] C-295 Aircraft is making it's way to India. The Airbus subsidiary EADS CASA handed over this CA-7101 airframe 5 days ago, on Sept. 13, '23. This photograph was captured when it landed yesterday, at the Malta International Airport for refueling & replenishment. The flight is being operated by a mixed crew consisting of IAF personnel & Airbus pilots.
First C-295 Aircraft Of Indian Air Force CA-7101
The IAF would be inducting 56 of these aircraft into the fleet. They would help alleviate India's medium-haul logistics woes. The current platform performing this role, the Soviet-origin An-32 is heading towards obsolescence &, as Russian weapon systems go, also marred by poor availability.
As Airbus states,
"With 283 orders from 41 operators, the C295 is the undisputed leader in its segment and stands out for its versatility. It can carry up to 71 troops or 50 paratroopers, airdrop cargo, be used for medical evacuation and take off and land in short and unpaved runways."
The deal would see 40 of these aircraft being assembled in India by the Tata Advanced Systems Limited [TASL]. A milestone for the Indian private sector Aircraft industry.
Indian Air Force First C-295 Aircraft CA-7101 - 02