Sunday, August 27, 2023

First Video Of INS Arighat - India's 2nd Nuclear Submarine

H/T @vivekrathod17

An intrepid ship-spotter caught the INS Arighat surfaced off the coast of Vizag. This is the first video of India's second in class indigenously developed Nuclear-powered Ballistic missile submarine [SSBN]. More in the pipeline.

Gursharan Kaur Kohli Launching INS Arihant

From the picture, 14 years ago, where the wife of India's then Prime Minister broke a pre-weakened coconut on to a tiny exposed surface of the boat, to this video capturing it's crew "soaking in the sun" in the sail of the submarine, it has been a long-drawn wait.

Update: Earlier version of this post identified it as the INS Arihant. However, the towed Array Sonar [TAS] enclosure of this boat is more lengthened than that observed in the INS Arihant. Therefore, a high probability it's INS Arighat, the next submarine in the Arihant-class series.


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