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This Heavily Modded B777-300ER, India's Most Secure Transport Aircraft, Takes-Off Into The Night

These Heavily Modded B777-300ER, India's Most Secure Transport Aircraft Takes-Off Into The Night

Sublime visuals of an Air India [AI] Boeing 777-300ER going airborne into the night skies in the US. Two such Airframes [VT-ALV & VT-ALW] AI had inducted in 2010, as part of a 23 B777-300ER aircraft order of 2006. These were, subsequently, handed over to the Indian Air Force [IAF] for operation. In 2018, they flew back to the US. Boeing has undertaken comprehensive mods, upgrading them to meet the safety & protective specifications, to ensure safe travel of Indian Heads of States. India is set to receive one of these next month, in September 2020.

Indian Secure VIP Transport Aircraft - Air India One - Boeing-777-300ER - 01
Once operational, it would be the first such type of Indian Aircraft that would fly solely when either of the President, his Deputy or the Prime Minister are onboard. A group of pilots from the IAF Air HQ Communication Squadron [AHQCS], based in Palam, are undergoing training, acquiring proficiency flying an aircraft with civilian DNA.
Air India One - Boeing-777-300ER - 03
The aircraft is equipped with some nifty systems to avert end of life situations of the onboarders. The AN/AAQ-24(V)N Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasure [LAIRCM], for example, "is a self-contained, directed energy countermeasures system designed to protect aircraft from infrared-guided surface-to-air missiles. The system features digital technology and micro-miniature solid-state electronics. The system operates in all conditions, detecting incoming missiles and jamming infrared-seeker equipped missiles with aimed bursts of laser energy. The LAIRCM system consists of multiple Missile Warning Sensors, Guardian Laser Turret Assembly (GLTA)," [source].

Some heavy-hitting stuff up there. Baggage accompanying the route of import acquisition, not having comparable indigenous solution, also weighs down this deal. While, India is getting to buy these American goodies, the US also ensures that, "this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region". Net Zero. How it ensures this, well, Happy flying!

A big, exuberant shout-out to Plane Spotters Kevin Boydston & Andy Egloff for these wonderful captures.

Air India One - Boeing-777-300ER - VIP Transport Aircraft


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