Friday, April 20, 2018

Showing Off The Indian Navy's Latest Maritime Aircraft, The P-8I Neptune [Image Of The Day]

The most advanced Hunter-Killer aircraft, presently, in the Naval Air fleet. Amongst the most potent platforms in the world.

These aircraft, based at INS Rajali, in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu, together form the Indian Navy [IN] squadron, of its latest Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance Anti Submarine Warfare [LRMRASW] aircraft, the INAS 312, Albatross.
Indian Navy Boeing P-8I Neptune Maritime Aircraft
Inducted into the Naval Air Fleet around 3 years back, IN currently operates a fleet of 8 of these modified Boeing aircraft, named P-8I Neptune, following the deal signed in January 2009. Deliveries against the subsequent order, signed in 2016, is to begin in 2020, bringing the total to 12, with an option of placing yet another follow-on order for up to 12 more. Recent reports indicate that, as part of a $304 Million USD deal, Boeing Corporation, is to setup a P-8 facility in Tamil Nadu, for crew training & fleet maintenance.